Confession of a Sugar Junkie

This particular article has helped me and again, I hope it finds its way to you! Stay healthy!

Tip of the Fork

Before & After Transformation

Many of you who follow my blog, know that I enjoy cooking. Especially easy quick healthy meals for you and your family. What I’m about to do is to make a confession.

If you read my bio, I started cooking while living in California out of necessity to curb the ‘going-out-to-eat’ all the time. It wasn’t healthy by any means. Especially when the places we frequented at the time were basically Mexican restaurants. There’s another side of the story….so here goes.

I’ve been a sugarholic for decades. My downfall started early but I didn’t realize it till I hit 31 yrs. old. I saw my body changing and kept telling myself I needed to do something about it. I never did. I lived on sugar. If there was cake, I’d eat it. If there were cookies laying out, I’d devour every last one. Candy? Ugh. My…

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